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In working with local communities, the Olare Motorogi Conservancy partners with The Olare Orok & Motorogi Trust.

The Olare Orok & Motorogi Trust was set up in 2009 to work with communities and other key stakeholders to uplift communities and enable the successful conservation of the Maasai Mara Ecosystem. The Trust works closely with the Conservancy and is an integral part of a landscape level conservation and development plan focused on enhanced land-management practices integrated with and enhanced by holistic community development. The Trust acts as a critical link between key local communities, the conservancy and other partners and strives towards building sustainable and resilient communities.

Strategic Objectives of the Trust:

  • In collaboration with the Olare Orok and Motorogi Conservancy, periphery communities and other partners, develop a sustainable pastoralist land management system that can be a model for adoption across the wider ecosystem.
  • Design and implement comprehensive education and training programs that support MME conservation through an integrated land-management plan.
  • Implement and assess projects and initiatives that add value to this land management plan so that conservation remains competitive against other land use forms that are not compatible with conservation.

In order to realize the strategic objectives OOMT is developing 5 key programs:

Integrated Livestock Management: This program integrates traditional pastoralist practices and rangeland management science to enhance land management within the Maasai Mara ecosystem. Systems are being created that add value to livestock management systems that are compatible with wildlife conservation and are enhanced by the conservancy as a grass resource. Under this program projects include:

  • breeding for improved stocking
  • sustainable grazing systems through rotation
  • water development to allow for enhanced rotational grazing
  • veterinary services
  • mobile, predator-proof bomas
  • access to slaughter facilities and enhanced marketing
  • sustainable stocking numbers

Outreach & Education: This program implements experiential education programing, capacity building initiatives and advocacy focused on environmental sustainability and community development challenges. Projects under this program include:

  • Environmental education
  • Leadership development
  • Seminar series aimed towards building key community proficiencies
  • Advocacy for conservation and equitable resource distribution

Sustainable Livelihoods: This program utilizes local resources, appropriate technologies and best management practices to generate economic and environmental resilience within communities. Projects under this program include:

  • Appropriate technologies demonstration center
    • Sustainable energy solutions
    • Clean water solutions
    • Nutrition gardens
    • Bee keeping and honey production
    • Sustainable wood lots

Applied Skills Training: This program facilitates training people in practical and marketable skills, aiming to reduce the unemployment rate of Maasai who wish to employed in sectors that require higher levels of training. Available training initiatives include:

  • Trade skills
    • Mechanics
    • Plumbing
    • Carpentry
    • Electrical
    • Masonry
  • Computer Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Community Development Internships
  • Wildlife Management Internships
  • Management Skills

Holistic Community Development: The Trust partners with periphery communities to help build sustainable infrastructure that improves livelihoods and is compatible with conservation initiatives.

Established: May 2006
Location: The Olare Motorogi Conservancy directly adjoin the Masai Mara National Reserve to the south and is an area of outstanding beauty and importance for wildlife. It encompasses the lower river valleys of the Olare Orok and Ntiakitiak rivers, together with the associated riverine woodland. The OMC also features the impressive Ntiakitiak Gorge and a beautiful escarpment of some 12 kms in length. Below the escarpment are extensive areas of acacia woodland, which are important habitats for a number of species.
Size: 32,900 acres
Camps & Lodges:
Tourism partners rent land from 277 Maasai landowners on a monthly basis.
Included in the accommodation rate
94 beds within 32,900 acres = 1 bed per 350 acres
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