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Enonkishu Conservancy Projects
As this conservancy currently has no tourism partners and the landowners have not yet signed up, there are large areas of land that have been overgrazed close to the various Maasai homesteads. Once the conservancy is established and habitat restoration programs implemented the potential for biodiversity improvement is vast. Cattle Project: The aims of this project are to create a world class working cattle ranching model, to educate and empower... Read More
Mara Naboisho Conservancy  Projects
Community Projects Koiyaki Guiding School - Most of the guides at the Mara Naboisho Conservancy have graduated from the Koiyaki Guiding School. The school, which provides local Maasai school leavers with education in guiding and conservation, was established in 2006. Educational Programs Community empowerment is not possible without education. Although there are seven schools in the vicinity of the Conservancy, many of... Read More
Mara North Conservancy Projects
Community Projects Mara North Conservancy realizes that the economic development and prosperity of the landowners is inextricably linked to the conservancy's success. Community Projects are designed to ensure that the communities living in and around the conservancy benefit immediately from the existence of the conservancy, and that this benefit is directly linked to the success of Mara North. Annually, MNC Directors may use profits, after... Read More
Ol Kinyei Conservancy Projects
The Porini Conservancy Concept has had a positive social and environmental impact. The tourism benefits are shared with the local people. The land owners are paid per acre of leased land. The camp has brought employment opportunities to the community, reducing the need for bread-winners to leave their families and migrate to places with jobs. In 2011 alone, the income generated for the community through salaries, wages, lease payments, entry... Read More
Olare Motorogi Conservancy Projects
In working with local communities, the Olare Motorogi Conservancy partners with The Olare Orok & Motorogi Trust. The Olare Orok & Motorogi Trust was set up in 2009 to work with communities and other key stakeholders to uplift communities and enable the successful conservation of the Maasai Mara Ecosystem. The Trust works closely with the Conservancy and is an integral part of a landscape level conservation and development plan focused... Read More