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The Naretoi estate, set on the banks of the Mara River, used to be an intensive farm (previously called Olerai Mara Farm, owned by the Wood family from 2000-2013) under pivot irrigation.  The founders of Naretoi bought the farm in 2013 and have returned the farm back into its natural state, restoring habitats and enhancing biodiversity.  The Naretoi project is essential for the sustainability of the land surrounding Naretoi, the Enonkishu Conservancy, and is the first project in the area to convert large scale commercial farming back into wildlife grazing habitat. Naretoi will secure the wildlife grazing land in the surrounding areas, as well as working with the community to broaden livelihood opportunities. 

The Naretoi model offers for sale a limited number of 5-acre house sites or ‘footprints’ on the 1000 acres to buyers, who will then build their dream eco home whilst adhering to pre-determined design & material guidelines.  Naretoi homeowners have worked with some of Kenya's finest architects and contractors and created fabulous bush-homes that are ‘safari chic’ and adhere to our design parameters.


  • Some of the houses on Naretoi are offered to rent for safari visitors.

Conservancy Fees

  • USD 70 per person per day for Naretoi guests
  • Naretoi homeowners contribute an annual fee

  • Scheduled flights from Nairobi and private charter flights from anywhere in Kenya to Mara North Airstrip.
  • Ngerende Airstrip is a 20 minute drive from camp.
  • 4 hour drive from Nairobi.
Location: North-western corner of Mara Ecosystem
Contacts: P.O. Box 961, 20500, Narok, Kenya
Phone: +254 (0)728 484 665
Fax: +254 (0) 714 231482
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